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William & Mary Housing Fellowship Position

We are pleased to announce Housing Partnerships has partnered with William & Mary’s Office of Community Engagement to create a Housing Fellowship Position.

This fellow will receive a taxable stipend of $15,000, paid incrementally during the course of the fellowship. They will will work an average of 7.25 hours per day, for 36.25 hours per week, and will receive two weeks of vacation and three sick days. The Fellow may elect to live in an apartment in the Graduate Complex at no cost.

Interested individuals should submit a resume and cover letter to Executive Director Abbitt Woodall at awoodall@housingpartnerships.org. Review of applications will begin May 8, 2017. For more information please call 757-221-0225. Position is open until filled. Equal Opportunity Employer.


Housing Partnerships, Inc.

William & Mary Community Engagement Fellow for Housing

Position Announcement


Work Schedule: 36.25 hours/week (43 Weeks)

Reports To: Executive Director


Objective: To maximize the College of William & Mary’s human resources and commitment to service to better the housing conditions of those living in poverty in the larger community of Greater Williamsburg.




  • Educate members of the college and the larger community about the challenges faced in aging homes when poverty and/or disability limit the ability to repair one’s home.
  • Produce volunteer recruitment materials and organize trainings as needed before hands-on volunteering opportunities.
  • Assemble team(s) from the W&M community and beyond to complete home repairs under the guidance of experienced professionals.
  •  Coordinate with staff to match repairs needed with groups who can accomplish them.
  • Coordinate training opportunities for HPI’s volunteers enabling them to take on skilled tasks and provide an even higher level of support to HPI and their community.
  • Lead the implementation of a volunteer management system which will handle all volunteers from the community to improve relationships with potential, current, and past volunteers.
  • Recruit student interns and volunteers to help with other aspects of the agency, including but not limited to, assistance with special events, donor communication, and scheduling.


Skills Needed:

  • Genuine desire to support the mission and work of HPI
  • Excellent computer skills in database management, Microsoft Office Suite including Excel and Word, word processing and website management
  • Experience with nonprofit operating practices and principles
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Attention to detail



Interested individuals should submit a resume and cover letter to awoodall@housingpartnerships.org.  For more information please call 757-221-0225.  Position is open until filled. Equal Opportunity Employer.

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