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Past Events

Past Events

2013 Williamsburg Celebrates Contemporary Artisans

September 21, 2013

All work must be of original art or fine craft that has been created by the applicant, or, in the case of certain reproduction processes, under the direct supervision of the applicant, and artisan must be able to demonstrate the process of the work during exhibiting hours. If you are not able actively to demonstrate your artwork because it requires a kiln, fire, too many parts to travel, etc., you may bring examples of projects in different stages to show / explain how your work comes together. Feel free to contact us to discuss.

Applications must be received by Housing Partnerships, Inc by the June 28, 2013 deadline.  The application must include Applicant information and digital images of the Applicant’s original work.  All images submitted must be of original art or fine craft that has been created by the Applicant, or, in the case of certain reproduction processes, under the direct supervision of the Applicant.  Images shall be in .JPG format and may be submitted via DVD, CD disk or flash stick (disk or flash stick to be destroyed, NOT returned to Applicant), or by e-mail to bweiler@housingpartnerships.org, or a provided URL.  The application must also include application and exhibition fees (please see fees, below).  Please submit applications with checks to:

Housing Partnerships, Inc
Attn:  Contemporary Artisans Show
P.O. Box 441
Williamsburg, VA 23185

Determination of acceptance for participation shall be in the sole discretion of Housing Partnerships, Inc and shall include, but not be limited to consideration of the production process, capability and artistry of the Applicant in producing the product; the likely public interest in such product and process; safety considerations and maintaining a variety of exhibitors.   Applicants shall be notified of the determination via U.S. mail and/or e-mail by July 15, 2013.  (Successful Applicants are sometimes hereinafter referred to as “Artisan” or “Artisans”).

PIPE Concert 2013

September 14, 2013

Heating up the ‘burg island style with Parrots of the Caribbean Concert benefiting PIPE: Providing Indoor Plumbing for Everyone.  The Parrots of the Caribean-A Salute to Jimmy Buffett. “Parrots of the Caribean is the #1 Jimmy Buffett Tribute Act in the Country…Bar None.” Parrots of the Caribbean will bring excitement, energy, and first class musicianship.  It’s a show you will not forget.  With their island costume changes it’s sure to spread the island feeling.

This concert is a fundraiser for PIPE, Providing Indoor Plumbing for Everyone.  In 2007, there were several homes still lacking indoor plumbing in the Historic Triangle.

Thanks to the efforts of the members of the Leadership Historic Triangle (LHT, now LEAD) Class of 2007 and Housing Partnerships, there are now only a few homes in our community lacking this basic necessity.  This project aims to keep continue raising money to help provide gap funding for these remaining projects, which are not fully covered by available state funds.

Today, in 2013, we still have families within the Historic Triangle that are in need of this program and we need your help to assist them.

HPI Holiday Donation Drive

December 1, 2012 – December 31, 2012

During the holiday season, do not forget our neighbors in need of safe, warm and dry housing.  Your holiday donation allows HPI to keep fixing leaking roofs, installing handicap ramps, repair failing heating systems, install indoor plumbing, and other projects to keep our neighbors safe, warm and dry.

Donate online or mail to PO Box 441 Williamsburg, VA 23187

PIPE Concert – Parrots of the Caribbean

September 15, 2012

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